40th Day of Great Lent (7th April 2022) - Smiocbristol

40th Day of Great Lent (7th April 2022)

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18:30 hrs

St. Marys Indian Orthodox Church

1B Bank Rd, Pilning, Bristol BS35 4JG

The 40th day of the Great Lent which is always a Friday, the church commemorates the tempting of Jesus and His triumph over Satan. Our parish will be celebrating Holy Qurbana on 7th April 6:30pm starting with evening prayer.

Jesus fasted for forty days and at the end of the fast he was tempted by the devil. (St. Matthew 4: 1). We who are baptized into the Lord should not be surprised if we are also tempted like Jesus. We should not be defeated when temptations come, but triumph over Satan; like Jesus aided by Holy Spirit.

In Matthew 4:6, we could see Satan quoting the Holy Scripture (especially from Psalm 91: 11 - 12) and mis-interpreting it. This is a fair warning to us, who have received the true faith, not to fall into the trap, of someone quoting the Scripture and challenging our true faith of Orthodoxy.

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