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St. George Prayer Group

The prayer group which started on the 13th of May 2007 in the name of Saint George facilitates the need of orthodox parish members in Reading and surrounding area. The group congregate to pray and meditate the will of God. The prayer meeting is conducted every first Sunday of each month in one of our member’s household. We have active families attending the prayer meeting regularly, each family taking turns to host the prayer meeting.

Most of the prayers are...

led by the vicars of St Mary’s Indian orthodox church Bristol. The usual agenda for every prayer meeting comprises of songs, Bible reading – Old and New Testaments and Psalms, Children’s Bible reading, discussion of current matters related to the church and Malankara Orthodox Sabha and a sermon by the Priest. The group conclude with an Evening Prayer (Sandhya Namaskaram) with requested prayers for sick, departed and those who celebrated their birthdays.

During the season of Great Lent, we are conducting special prayer meetings in one of our houses every Friday until the 40th Friday. Every year we organize Easter and Christmas get togethers as well as family holiday trips for the members of the group. We pray and lead special prayer meetings in the houses in Reading where anybody has departed.

Due to the current pandemic condition and restriction, we meet every Sunday 8pm through virtual platforms and our respected Vicar leads these prayer meetings.

We are thankful to our God for all the blessings and mercy that is showered up on us, our prayer group, and our church.