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Youth Movement

During the early parts of the twentieth century, students and senior leaders of the church created an organisation in which students could participate, to deepen their Christian faith and create a sense of strong fellowship. In 1907, the Syrian Student Conference was formed. The first conference was held in January 1908 at Balikamadom School in the Keralan city of Thiruvalla. From 1912 to 1960, this movement was known as the St Thomas Syrian Movement. This movement later became known as the Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Movement (MGOCSM) in 1960.

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MGOCSM’s motto is “Worship, Study and Service”

Our goal like all other Christians is to nurture our relationship with God undoubtedly, by exercising this motto we can keep building our faith till it becomes unwavering. We do this by providing engaging opportunities through worship & study events, charity, and media campaigns.

We have regular prayer meetings which enable us to worship together and grow our faith. This has also been an opportunity to stay connected with our youth group as well as connect with members who are new to our parish. We conduct regular fundraisers in which we set targets to collect money, clothes, food, and other essentials to help those who are most in need, and we are proud to consistently exceed our targets. As well as this, we host many events for our church, ranging from organising sessions for Sunday School and OVBS to creating Easter egg hunts for the children of our congregation. We also host larger scale events such as inter-church sports and social meetups. These events help us create new bonds in and outside the orthodox community and strengthen existing relationships. We continuously strive to understand and address the rising issues faced by our youth members in their daily lives. We host discussions including larger one-day conferences to interpret the divine words of Christ and attempt to translate them into the contexts we live in, whilst abiding by our church’s Orthodox roots and traditions.

Our main mission is to focus on the future of our church by helping ourselves and others to grow spiritually so as children of God can confidently apply the Orthodox faith in our world. We after all are the future and what is the future without its youth?