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Maundy Thursday (Pesaha) Service

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18:00 hrs

St. Marys Indian Orthodox Church

1B Bank Rd, Pilning, Bristol BS35 4JG

Earlier this day Jesus had given instructions to His disciples on how to prepare for this holiest meal, which will be his last supper. Through the day they made preparations to celebrate the festival of Passover (St. Mathew 26:17).

We will be celebrating holy Qurbana on Wednesday 27th March 2024 at 18:00 hrs remembering the last supper Jesus Christ shared with his disciples and while doing so we are in the upper room with Jesus and the Apostles.

Through our celebration of Holy Qurbana (St. Mt. 26:26), we unite ourselves to Jesus and receive his Body and Blood as if for the first time. After the Last Supper, the apostles and Jesus made a short journey across the Kidron Valley to the Garden where he asks them to pray and there he experiences his agony (St Mt. 26:30). We are with Jesus in the Garden and pray as he goes through his sufferings. It was near Midnight that Jesus was betrayed by Judas, was arrested and taken to the house of the High Priest (St Mt. 26:47).

Feet washing ceremony is usually conducted in our churches on Maundy Thursday.

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