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Fifth Sunday in Great Lent

Fifth Sunday in Great Lent (Kfiphtho / Crippled Woman) is celebrated on the 27th of March 2022.

We are entering the fifth week of the Great Lent of the year and in this Sunday's reading, we find the bowed woman being noticed compassionately by our Lord and as a result, she is cured of her illness. Though the evil spirit made her suffer physically, her spirit was vigil and energetic to have a very strong spiritual relationship with her Lord God. All those eighteen years she must have to lead a sound and effective spiritual life. She might have ignored her physical disorder and might have considered her spiritual growth. No one could say that this was the first time that she had attended the divine class of Lord Jesus. Though the bowed woman might have taken a seat far away from the stage where our Lord would have been speaking, still He saw her and called her to Him and said, ‘you are loosed from your infirmity.’ As soon as He placed His hands on her head, she was made straight. Let us make use of these Lent and Lenten prayers to get the tender touch of our Lord and freedom from all sorts of infirmities.

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