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Graduation Day Celebration

We joyously hosted and celebrated the inaugural Sunday School Convocation, commemorating the outstanding achievements of our graduates.

On December 10, 2023, a historic milestone was achieved by our church by hosting the first ever Sunday School Convocation in the Diocese of UK, Europe, and Africa. The event centred around the commemoration of the Graduation Day for the accomplished students of Sunday School Year 12, 2022, recognizing their dedicated efforts in earning the esteemed Diploma in Veda Praveen.

The convocation was graced by the distinguished presence of H.G. Abraham Mar Stephanos, the Metropolitan of the Diocese. His eminence not only inaugurated the ceremony but also delivered a keynote address, imparting wisdom and inspiration to the gathered students and parents.

This momentous occasion marked not only the academic achievements of the graduates but also showcased the unity and spirit of the community. The recognition of the students' hard work and the conferral of the Diploma in Veda Praveen undoubtedly represents a significant milestone in their educational journey.

As the first-ever Sunday School Convocation in the diocese, this event serves as a beacon of success and unity, bringing together families, students, and the broader community in a joyous celebration of knowledge, commitment, and shared values.

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