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Fourth Sunday of Great Lent

Fourth Sunday of Great Lent is celebrated on the 20th of March 2022 (Healing of the Daughter of Canaanite Woman - Knanaitho Sunday)

This miracle, celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Great Lent tells of a Canaanite woman who begs Jesus to cure her daughter, who is possessed by a demon. Jesus refuses, but she persists humbly pleading him to cure her daughter when he realizes her faith and cures the woman's daughter. This event shows us that if we are humble towards the Lord and stay respectful to Him, he will deliver us.

The stories of healing we hear during the Sundays of Great Lent are a challenge to our complacency. They urge us to consider in these days of prayer and reflection where and to what degree we are broken and in need of healing, but not only that. They also challenge us to be bold, be creative, be daring, be courageous, and be with Jesus in seeking healing and restoration, no matter what the cost, because the stakes are too high.

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